Pizzle - Cute Pizza Puzzle  Game For Kids


Pizzle - Pizza Puzzle game is the most entertaining and joyful game for kids. Kids puzzle apps is a great way to build a foundation of language and math skills of your child. Pizza game for kids will make it very easy for your child to learn so many things in a way your child want to pick up in a funny way. Your child will definitely love it.


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Pizza game is very simple game and it is very easy to play. Combine the matching slices and connect the puzzles together to make complete pizzas and earn points. There are six type of task present in this good pizza great pizza game. 1 piece pizzle, 2 piece pizzle, 4 piece pizzle, falling pizzle, topping pizzle, puzzle pizzle, spot pizzle and two types of matching pizzle tasks are here in this pizza game.

How to play?

In puzzle pizzle just pick the right pizza from the choices already given and drag it on the pizza set in the center. In matching pizzle you have to match the same pizzas. In one piece pizzle you have to pick the right pizza’s slice and drag it into the empty place in the pizza. Similarly, in two and four piece pizzles you have to arrange the pizza in a right order.

This great pizza game will cherish you with its charming graphics and its pleasant sound. You will certainly make your leisure time very joyful and peaceful with your kids when they play this pizza switch. Pizzle - Pizza Puzzle game is a real challenge for your kid’s mind to solve it.

Furthermore, the most important point of this pizza games for kids is, it is completely free and there is no need to pay for it. Just go to playstore and install it absolutely free. Puzzle - kids game is very much addictive, your kids will be very happy to play it. The puzzle games are logical game in which you are required to think logical in order to put pieces together. It is an adaptation of the mythic Puzzle Bouble to the pizza world.


  • ✅ Fun and easy to learn game play
  • ✅ Amazing graphics and pleasant sounds
  • ✅ Complete puzzle in pizza puzzle games
  • ✅ Spend a few great hours with your kids playing pizza puzzle games
  • ✅ The most fun and addictive game with the simple control ever
  • ✅ This is one of the best games for both kids and adults, alike
  • ✅ Pizzle pizza game is totally free to download

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Pizzle Cute Game for Kids is free to download enjoy!!!!

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